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Building Inspection List


24 Hour Notification is Required Prior to the Following Inspections


1. Footer Inspection = Call for this inspection before pouring concrete when bulkheads and re-bars are in place. These must be tied up and not resting on rocks or other supports.


2. Underground Plumbing = Call when you are ready for your water test before you cover up your underground work.


3. Rough In Plumbing = Call when you are ready for the water test on the above ground rough-in. You may not cover up any rough-in plumbing until a test has been done.


4. Framing Inspection = Call when the vents for the bathrooms and range hoods are in place and the framing is ready for application of insulation and drywall. The following two inspections are to be done in conjunction with the framing inspections.


5. Duct Work = Call for this inspection before covering up any sheet metal work with drywall. This inspection can be done at the same time as the framing inspection.


6. Electrical Rough-in = This inspection must be done before framing is approved. Call Electrical Inspector at 304-736-8995 for electrical inspection.


7. Final Plumbing = Call for this inspection when the fixtures are set in place. Sewer line must be inspected from structure to City sewer. This inspection is often done in conjunction with the final occupancy inspection.


8. Electrical Final = Call when the fixtures are set in place and wiring is complete. The electrical inspection must have been completed and approved before the City will do an occupancy inspection.


9. Final Inspection = All aspects of the construction must be finalized. All building debris must be removed from the site prior to the final inspection. This inspection is for the Certificate of Occupancy.


10. CAUTION = Before excavation of your job site, call Utility Companies for utility locations. This could save you time and money. Please call 48 hours ahead of excavating.




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