Driver Point Reduction Classes


Motorists issued a moving violation with 3 (three) points or lower are eligible to take a point reduction class. The price of the class is $80.00


Municipal Traffic Offense

Pre-Judgment Alternative Disposition Program


Defendants charged with a traffic offense in the Village of Barboursville Municipal Court may be eligible to participate in this program and upon proper notification of successful completion, may avoid the assessment of points from this pending citation against their WV driver's license.


Your participation in the program is voluntary and the granting of permission for this alternative disposition under this course is not a right or entitlement but a privilege resting in the discretion of the Court.


A. To be eligible, you must be charged with a traffic offense under the Ordinances of the Village of Barboursville in the Municipal Court, for which the DMV may access points, while operation under a WV driver's license.


You are not eligible if…


  1. You hold a commercial driver's license issued in this or any other state;
  2. You were operating a commercial motor vehicle at the time of the offense; or
  3. You are charged with driving under the influence.


B. You will only be allowed one alternative disposition per charge under this program

C. In order to participate, you must make request to the municipal court upon conviction. If the court agrees to allow you to participate, it is your responsibility to follow through and make all notifications as required.

D. In order to avoid the assessment of points you must:


  1. Register and pay the course fee at
  2. Complete the course with at least 89% correct score.
  3. Present your passing notification certificate from the web program immediately to the Municipal Court and pay all fines and costs assessed for the offense to the satisfaction of the Court.


E. There are no extensions permitted with regard to any of the time limitations set up by the court.


The course is established pursuant to section 8-11-5 of the WV Code and its operation is subject to amendments to the Code and the course content, regulations and rules of the DMV and any applicable ordinances of the Village of Barboursville. The course is subject to cancellation without notice.


In the event you fail to comply fully with the rules, the Court may, without further notice, enter a judgment of conviction and direct the Clerk to make report to the Department of Motor Vehicles.


The following must be completed by the Municipal Court to participate


William Watson Municipal Court Judge

Village of Barboursville (Municipality)

Court ID Number: #309

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