Barboursville Fire Department

As first responders to fire, public safety and medical emergencies, disasters and terrorist acts, Barboursville Volunteer Fire Department protects the lives and property of the residents and visitors.  The Department advances public safety through its fire prevention, investigation and education programs. The timely delivery of these services enables the Barboursville Volunteer Fire Department to make significant contributions to the safety of not only our fire district, but in the surrounding areas through mutual aid with the other fire departments in Cabell, Wayne and Lincoln Counties.


The Barboursville Volunteer Fire Department is made up of a group of dedicated personnel that represent the diversity of the community. These persons work every day of the year to improve the quality of service provided to the community. I am proud to serve this community with the quality of persons that personally give so much back to the community.


John P. Hockenberry, JR



The officers of the Department consists of three (3) Chief Grade Officers-JP Hockenberry, Philip Kincaid & Greg Hockenberry;  three (3) Captains-Chad Ward, Andrew Frazier & Conard Stratton; and three (3) Lieutenants-Tyler Burgess, Patrick Wagoner & Donald (DJ) FLynn.  At the present time, we have 41 active members listed on our roster, and seven (7) of those are Junior Firefighters.  These members are under the age of 18 years old, and are in training.


The Department responds to between 980 and 990 incidents per year.  These consists of structure fires, both residential and commercial, fire alarms, motor vehicle accidents with and/or without injuries, brush fires and numerous medical calls just to name a few.  In addition to responding to calls, our members are constantly training, both in-house and fire schools away offered throughout the State.


Fire Prevention and education is provided to the four (4) elementary schools in our fire district, as well as a schools in neighboring areas.  Each year we have approximately 250 children participating in our fire prevention details, either at their schools or at the fire department.


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